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Dental Services. A Closer Look.


Dentures can do fabulous things for a smile that’s been compromised by the loss of teeth. Once you’re properly fitted for dentures, you’ll have the gleaming white smile you remember from your youth. Read on for the truth behind some common misconceptions about dentures. Myth: My dentures will last forever. Fact: While dentures are durable, […]


Extracting a Tooth You went to the dentist today. He said those words no one wants to hear – “These are going to have to come out.” Now you’re panicking. Relax. It’s nothing to worry about. And it’s not a reflection of a personal flaw. In fact, there are lots of reasons you might need […]

Dental Emergencies

It’s a fact of life – emergencies don’t occur when doctor’s offices are open. It seems like it’s always in the dead of night, a national holiday or a weekend when a tooth gets knocked out or starts aching so bad you want to howl. That’s why we’ve put together this list of dos and […]


The New Face of Artificial Teeth When you think of artificial teeth, do dentures automatically come to mind? Well, it’s time to expand that picture because there’s something new on the market, which may be just for you – dental implants. Unlike dentures, which have to be taken in and out, implants are attached directly […]


A gap-toothed smile can make you look absolutely darling — if you’re less than seven years old. Otherwise, a missing tooth negatively effects your appearance – causing your mouth to sink and your face to look older, effecting the way you chew and speak, and placing unusual stress on your teeth and the tissues in […]


If your teeth are discolored, chipped, effected by breaks and cracks, or even have gaps, bonding may be the way to go. In this simple, long-lasting and cost-effective procedure, your dentist “bonds” a natural looking, tooth-colored material called composite resins, to the enamel of your teeth. After the resin is applied to the tooth and […]


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